Red Cedar Basketball League
Red Cedar Basketball League
Red Cedar Basketball League

7th & 8th Grade Rules
2021 - 2022 SEASON
2021 - 2022 SEASON
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Posted 10/10/21

Note: All teams in this division will play doubleheaders on either Saturday or Sunday throughout the season. You may play twice per weekend if needed because of even numbered divisions. The season will conclude with a double elimination tournament in each division.

Warm up time: Shall consist of the difference of the end of the previous game and the official start time of the next game. If no time is available a maximum of 3 minutes shall be used as warm-up time.

Parents: Do not cross gym floor for any reason during or after the contest. Meet with players after the contest in designated area or hallway.

Shooting: No shooting at baskets during halftime or between games for anyone but players participating in the current scheduled contest

Coaches: Two coaches shall be allowed on the bench during games. Head coach should wear their schools dark color shirt to be identified by officials. Scorekeepers shall only keep the book and not serve as additional coaches. Teams not following this rule shall be assessed a technical foul and the team in violation will lose there right for a scorekeeper. The scorekeeper in violation shall be removed form the bench area to the opposite side of the gym. Please clear bench and after completing handshake. Hold any post game meetings in designated area or hallway.

Covid-19: Please be aware of the communities Covid-19 policy and be aware of that community's requirement. Admission and participation will be followed or the team’s game will be a forfeit.

Coaches Conduct: Public criticism of officials or players is unethical and will not be tolerated. The coach shall respect and support contest officials.  The coach shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials.

MHSAA rules except:
MHSAA regulation size ball
Numbers on front and back of jerseys
Timeouts: MHSAA 2 Full, 2(20)
Overtime: 2 minute quarter with an additional timeout per each overtime period

A running clock shall occur when the point difference equals a 30 pt difference and shall resume to normal after the score returns to a 20 point difference.

Pressing is allowed anytime except when point spread equals 15 pts
3-point line is in effect.

Playing Time – League Recommendation
There are no playing time rules but it is expected that everyone participates

Practices – are limited to 4 hours per week.  This is an honor system.  Be respectful of the rules to your team, parents, and the league.

Ejections: If a player, coach or spectator is ejected from a contest they will be suspended from the next contest. A second offense shall result in removal from the league for the remainder of the season. The host site is responsible to report this to the league. Officials shall file an incident report to the host site. This shall be completed in 24 hours and turned in to the league director. If a player, coach or spectator is removed from any league tournament or league sponsored tournament the will not be eligible for the remainder of the tournament. Continued disregard of rules or disrespectful conduct by a coach or parents could result in removal of team from the league.  Our goal and concept is to teach the children not winning at all or any cost.

Results of all weekly games shall be emailed to your community coordinator so that the weekly standings maybe updated.

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